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Pair savings and comfort with your Trenton smart thermostat

Pair savings and comfort with your Trenton smart thermostat

It seems like the thermostat plays a persistent role in our home. We often adjust the settings to be more comfortable in our room. Even if it’s the smallest bit off, we turn the thermostat up and down until it’s perfect. In fact, an HVAC system makes almost 50% of our total energy costs!

When you install your Trenton smart thermostat, you can feel more comfortable while decreasing your energy use. When linked to your Vivint smart home security system, you can stop the thermostat wars by:

  • Letting the thermostat find out your day-to-day habits to adjust the comfort level automatically

  • Setting the temperature remotely through the Vivint App

  • Receiving alerts to your phone when your home registers too hot or too cold

  • Setting the temperature through vocal commands and Alexa or Google AI assistant

Vivint Trenton Smart Thermostat

Save money with your Trenton smart thermostat

By letting your smart thermostat regulate the temperature throughout the house, you can stay comfortable and decrease your utility bills. Set the air to lower when you leave for work, and have it adjust back to a perfect temperature before you arrive home. If you prefer to to sleep with the window open, your system can automatically turn down the heat a smidge right before bedtime.

With a smart thermostat, you might conserve up to 10% of unnecessary energy use!

Your smart thermostat can work with your Vivint smart home

Your Trenton smart Thermostat pairs with all your Trenton smart home and security alarms and cameras. When your monitored fire alarm triggers, your smart thermostat can help hinder the flames by lowering the air and initiating the vent fan. Have the temperature lower with your smart lights when you hit your “entertaining” scene on your mobile app. Or just get a little comfy by nudging the air without leaving the couch.

Don’t forget to ask for the smart thermostat when you customize your Trenton home smart home

A smart thermostat will make your home cozier, safer, and more energy-efficient -- and is the best companion to your Trenton Vivint security system. Phone your Vivint professional at (609) 928-8223 or complete the form below, and we’ll help you personalize the right smart home for your home.